Past Events Photo Gallery

Digger on June 30th, 2006

Digger on June 24th, 2005

Digger on June 25th, 2004

Digger #44 was June 27th, 2003

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February 27th

Whistler Ski Trip



October 20th

A Day on the Soccer Field, and at the Bar

August 18th

Night at the Cottage

August 10th

Digger #38 Weekend

July 27th

Friday Cub's Game - Man vs. Freezy Drinks

July 4th

Concert in Grant Park

June 21st - 24th

10th Anniversary Digger Weekend


August 3-6th 
Digger#35 Weekend
July 29-30 
Midwest Extreme Adventure Race
 .  The Bonediggers put in two teams:
"Extreme Bonediggers" and "Sofa King Nuts" (say the last one all as one word and it makes sense)  We certainly didn't win, but we finished, and we had some fun.

June 22-23 Digger #34 Weekend  

April 29 - Golf Pub Crawl #2

1996 July  - Summer Olympics in Atlanta.  
Yes, that's Mayor Daley with X and I.

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