2000 Pub Crawl



First I want to thank everybody who helped out:  Gretchen - for the great work on the score cards, Johnny & Steveo - for keeping the gallery quiet and moving the participants from hole to hole, Durkin's (Coach and Tommy) - for hosting our sign-on and our ninth hole - and for all the prizes, and Kimberly for supplying the golf gloves.

The Course Marshall's for this event were Steve Kaplanes (photographic reporter), John Brandeis (hungover slacker who finally rallied with a vengeance), and myself (best costume and didn't lose anything!)


Hole:  Durkin's

Here's the gang at the Sign-in at Durkin's. Bonedigger Soccer Team Goalie Eric with girlfriend.  He came straight from our game (1-0 victory for those keeping score at home) and boy did he . . , well nevermind.
Carl and his posse. Getting ready to take off for the first hole!  We finally convinced Kimberly and KC to participate (we really had to twist their arms!)
Hole #1 Griffin's.  We started of the front nine with a par 3 - do a Kamikaze shot, spin around, and then throw a dart.  My 'ol high school buddy Smitty took the title.
Here's me explaining the rules.  Notice how nobody's paying attention to me. Here's people after me explaining the rules.  Notice how everybody's happy and smiling now!
Hole #2 Corner Pocket
Here's the Three Stooges, I mean Three Course Marshall's. Collin and Company getting ready for a black tie fund raiser (I'll bet we had more fun than they did!)
After corner pocket we hit a little snafu, our next bar, Wise Guys, wasn't open yet.  So we changed gears and made "The Girl Bar" Hole #3New Rule - if any girl picks up a girl in the bar - hole in one!  We almost got one girl to kiss the bartender, but the boyfriend intervened.
Earlier we added the water hole rule - no peeing in the bar on holes three and four.  But, if a woman where to pee in the alley, they got a birdie (a man would get a bogie).  We didn't think anybody would take us seriously.  But sure, enought, we had 10 women pee in the alley.  Here's two who shall remain nameless.
Hole #4 Peg Leg Sullivan's
Joanie, Sarah, and Pat X, three hardcore drinkers from yesteryear joined in on the festivities. Group Shot (if you see the detail it looks better)
Hole #5 Hidden Shamrock -  Here we had the men's and women's chug contest.  Additionally, if thehe women did a blow job shot with no hands, their team got an eagle
Here's Gretchen's second attempt at the blow job shot. Here's Gretchen on her fourth attempt at the shot.  The fourth time would turn out to be the charm.
Susanna doing a blow job.  "Look Ma, no hands!" "The Three Divas" Steph, Kimberly, and KC doing the shot.
Lisa looks likes she's got a mouthful! The Guy's Chug Contest.  Val would win the guy's side.  Sarah Rusher would win the ladies side (the camera didn't flash for the ladies competition).
Hole #6 Sidelines - This is pretty much where everyone kicked it into gear. 
Frankie and Johnny - this was the last time you see Frankie when he can still speak.
Frankie, Johnny, Robaho, and some guy sticking his tongue out. Robaho's Team.  "How can anybody be ahead of us!"
Hole #7 The Union - Things really become foggy after this.  It's seems like the shots kept coming fast and furious.. 
Sarah, Sheila, and Susanna Robaho and Sarah.  Robaho - you look just a little too mellow, dude!
Hole #8 Harrigan's - This is pretty much where everyone kicked it into gear.  It was really crowded.
Hole #9 Durkin's - Back to the clubhouse!  Durkin's pig roast party is rudely interrupted by some rowdy golfers.
Frankie has left the building! .Val's makin' friendly with the women-folk

See Ya Next Year!

Marc "Tiger" Kaplanes