Whistler Ski Trip 2/27/02-3/3/02

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Wednesday Feb 27 - A day of travel
So, after a 4 hour flight and an hour getting through customs, we embarked on a 3 hour bus trip.  The cool kids (that would be Chris, Joey D, and I) sat in the middle of the bus.  And our first order of business was to meet people.  We made friends with these lovely young ladies: Alexia, Anastasia, Stephanie, and Betsey
As well as these lovely young ladies: Monique, Kelly, Chris, and Big Head Joey. We saw some other sites along the way.
So we invited people back to our place to party the first evening.  You can see here by all the people that showed up what a great marketing job we did.

Thursday Feb 28 - First day of skiing.  And injuries.

So, we made our way out to the slopes.  This was some seriously beautiful country! Here's Chris getting ready for his first run.
After a couple hours of taking it easy, Mark Ruwe spotted an out of bounds area that looked cool.  By the time we had time to say "No", he had already gone in, so we decided to follow.  This would be a decision that perhaps Chris would come to regret.  We took some time to view the scenery before we took the plunge down the unexplored terrain.
Here's part of the run.  Those two little specks are Joey and Chris.  About 15 minutes later, Chris would decide to lead the group.  As we were all sitting on the snow, resting, we see Chris take this massive jump and then disappear out of sight.  I head down to the scoop and I see him about 15 feet beyond the jump, resting squarely on his back.  "Are you all right?". . ."I don't think so".  Not the words you want to hear.  One by one, the rest of our group came up and asked the same thing.  About an hour later, we finally finished the run.  We would learn later that Chris broke his wrist.  But that didn't stop him!
To the ladies!
Betsey, Kelly, and Luann took some ski lessons (can't you tell?).  You can see them here as part of their photo shoot.  OK, which one's Jaclyn Smith, Farrah, and Kate Jackson? They look like they're getting great lessons!
Back over to the other ladies.  Here's the pro skiers before they head out - Krystal, Stephanie, Alexia, and Anastasia.

Apparently they had a great day skiing.  
All until the last run

Left, Right, Left.  Good for marching, not so good for the knee while you are skiing. "Are you Ok?"

"Do I LOOK like I'm Ok?"

Why is this guy smiling?  Am I funny?  Do I amuse you?  Funny ha-ha or funny like a clown? The last preparations before the trip down the mountain.

Here's the first happy hour.  
Our host, Gary is in the blue.  
Patrick is behind him and across from him is Denise.

Thursday evening was the Pizza Party at the Ladies condo.  Here's the two injureds: Chris with the broken wrist and Krystal with a torn ACL and MCL.


We started playing some games.  "Roman Numerals" was the first.  "So what number does this represent?"  Betsey has some issues.
The next game was "Circle of Friends" (a.k.a Circle of Death).  

Then the psychiatrist game - where I had some issues.

Lastly, the Questions game.  Joey's question - "I like your sweater".


Friday March 1st - Second day of skiing.  No Injuries.

We went to Longhorn's for Apres' Ski.  According to the Bouncer, "We're the most popular Apres' ski location in North America for the last 5 years running". This is where the picture frenzy began.  We took the previous shot on 6 different cameras.  Here's me taking a picture of the person taking the original picture.

Saturday March 2nd - hanging out with the ladies for lunch.
Here's me hanging out with the ladies at lunch.  I'm taking the picture, really.  Me and 8 women, I'm not lying. If you don't believe me take a look at this picture.  I'm not actually in it, but if you look carefully into the window you can see my reflection.  

Saturday March 2nd - the Garibaldi Happy Hour.
Happy hour started like normal.  A couple beers, some music. But then people started dancing on the tables.  Then it started getting good.
Do you like these nipples? How about these?
(This shot would be much funnier, if I actually aimed the camera low enough to see Betsey touching herself)
"Look what I can do with my tongue" "I've got a tongue, I want to play too!"
"let me caress your skin" "That tickles"
Then the camera really got rolling!




Group Shots!

I particularly like this one (notice stephanie's hand placement).

Sunday March 3rd - The Last Day!  (Boo-hoo!)

On the last full day, we decided to go snowmobiling.  My first time, as well as the first for the other 7 people on it. Here's the snowmobile gang.
About half way through the tour, we had to navigate through some tight wooded area.  Anastasia didn't do so well and flipped her snowmobile.  So we did what anybody would do while their friend is laying under a 500 pound snowmobile - we had a snowball fight! Here's the boys, uh. . . enjoying nature.
The last night in Whistler, we were not about to "go quietly into that good night".  We went from the "Beni-hana-ish" restaurant, to the bar downstairs, to the Live music bar, and lastly to the dance place.

The Beautiful Vistas of Whistler, CA



And the rest of the pictures.
"Hurry up and take the picture, we want to get to the nachos". "No that's more like it".

Seriously the largest plate of nachos I've ever seen.  And they were darn tasty.

A shot from the chairlift.  I leaned forward and really didn't calculate the probability of falling out of the chair. Here's my condo mates: Shellie, Ed, Mark, Becky, Sarah, Me, Joey, and Chris.


Take me now!




See Ya!