Digger XXXIV 6/22-23/00

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We started the festivities at Durkin's Thursday evening

Our friendly neighborhood bartendress' Laura and Joanne.  At midnight they magically transform into Diggers and appear on the beach!

 Mix and Match with your favorite international Foozball stars:  Gianni B, me-myself-and-marc, coach-man, avalanche, big daddy, and das-brently-one.

It's good to be the king! Joanie and Sarah co-mingling with the domers.
Frankie and Johnny in another picture together.  At least Pete's in there to mix things up a little. "Joe, I just saw the hottest babe!  She wants me!"
The elder stateswomen with the "new kid on the block" Sarah (a.k.a. L'il Crusher) with her good buddy Lisa (a.k.a trip).  Notice the crutches to the left.  Sarah injured herself in our Softball game the night before and still was a trooper to make it out.
Melissa and Amanda ready for the photo shoot. Kimberly's all a glow.  What'd they put in her drink?  I want some of that.
Pete with the international sign for "no pictures please.  autographs only." I'm not sure what's going on here!

Comments to date:

Frankie:  I think they were in a contest, trying to see who can pose as a bigger tool.

Gretchen:  Hanz and Franz:  "We're gonna pump (clap) you up!"

Mitchie:  Know one knows it yet but let's just say Rob and I had a good time that Sunday at the Gay Pride Parade!!

Action Jackson and Roondog take time out from their busy schedules to pose for the camera. "Self Portrait with surrounding domers" by Steve Kaplanes
Extreme close up! (does anybody know who this is?) Things always seem to get a little slanted for me as the evening goes on.
Hip, HipHooray!
The Originals.  No, I'm not surgically attached to Joanie's chin. And what would a pre-digger be without a good look at the Moon!
The Day has finally arrived - DA DIGGER!
Warmups Begin Joey and his teammates "The Beatiful People" take their publicity photo
two words - "all good" Matt and Mo just hangin' out
Takin' a break in the action Tina hanging out with Kent, who would go on to make a valiant effort in the finals, only to be defeated by Barrett and Angie.
Ridda and Joe.  That boy can play.  But his stellar play was not enough to overcome the alcohol content in my blood when he was my partner. Angie just takin' a breather before she became "Queen of the Beach" with Barrett defeating Melissa and Kent.
 two words - "yappy dog"

Does anybody have the group picture we took?  (it didn't turn out on my camera)  Please email me at if you have the group picture or any other pictures you'd like to add.

Dig or Die!