10th Anniversary Digger Weekend June 21st-24th

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The Digger weekend started out unofficially on Thursday afternoon. Shakes flew in from Denver and after a brief pit stop at Potbelly’s we headed out with Kevin Rooney to Jackson park for the Pre--Pre Digger. Kevin shot a 77 and took all our money (even though gambling is illegal at Bushwood).
Thursday evening we gathered for Da Pre-Digger at Da Durkin's.   We had a little slide show going, showed off the new digger t-shirts, and had the digger soundtrack in the background. We had a great turnout and saw some new faces and old. As usual, many partied on past close.

Scott Cousino, who was co-recipient of this year's attendance award, flew in from Denver to join the festivities.  Bobby Bouchay is show on his left. Steph Spiros, was the other co-recipient for the attendance award.  Featured here with Larisa, former Denverite and current Chicagoan, who partook in the festivities despite battling post-surgery pre-digger trauma syndrome.
Some of the originals hanging out. ACL surgery and being on crutches couldn't stop Mary Jones from making an appearance.
  Many of Da Boyz had just come from Softball, kickin' ass and taking names once again. Some original digger champions.  Oh wait, correction, Scottie hasn't won one yet.
The Kaplanes' boys with some unintentional special effects! Whaddya Gonna Do?  Faahhgettta Bout it!
Collage du Gilby

Mike Week, after enjoying the festivities, would return home and transform into the super hero "Bloody Mary Man".  His slogan - "Faster than a blender, stronger than an El Jardin's Marguerita, and able to leap tabasco bottles in a single bound!"

The Many Faces of the Pre-Digger Celebration

At this point, the camera, um. . . . ran out of film, yeah, that's it.

Da Digger at Montrose Beach

Friday morning saw Johnny arrive on the beach first, with Keg in tow. I was sound asleep on my couch at this point, waiting for the blood alcohol content in my blood to drop below “legally dead”.

The digger saw one of the largest turnouts ever with about 55 folks partaking at some point, and several more sitting on the sidelines. When all was said and done, the winners were Jack, a multiple repeat winner, and Kim, a Digger Virgin. They beat the recently-engaged and all-Illini couple of Russ & Melissa.

Afterwards, several folks (about 25-30), convened at Ranalli’s for The Post-Digger festivities.  Scottie, Pat X, Peggy, Becky, and myself went to John Barleycorn’s and then dancing at Neo’s.  Scottie & I closed out the evening at Durkin's.  But the weekend wasn't done yet!

Saturday, Brently organized a great “Day in the Park” at Oz; including Bocce, Frisbee golf, croquet, badminton, horseshoes, and the special Volcanic fire water – truly a world class effort!

Saturday Evening, Steve, Joey D, and Natalie organized the Pig Roast/Deck party. Truly amazing, the food was great and a ton of people showed. So here's the "Wall of Fame" from the party, (photos by Steve Kaplanes, master photographtician)

Sunday saw an impromptu brunch (does it count as brunch if it’s at 1pm?) and then several die hards (not myself) made it to the Gay pride parade and/or Randolph fest to round out the weekend!

Dig or Die!