Digger#38 8/10/01

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Thursday evening we gathered for Da Pre-Digger at Da Durkin's.   We had a little slide show going, showed off the new digger t-shirts, and had the digger soundtrack in the background.

By definition, at all Digger events, we have to have a Frankie and Johnny picture.  So we got this one out of the way while they were still sober. Shown here are two of the Digger Elder Statespeople, Sarah and Mitchy.  Neither of them could make it out the next day for the digger, something about "creaking bones" and rheumatism, I'm not exactly sure.  (sarah, I couldn't resist, this one was a slam dunk)
Jack has this agonizing look on his face because he is currently going through a "Detoxification" period for the month of August - no booze, no red meat, no fun.  It was too much pressure for Jack -a pre-digger and no booze.  In a last minute appeal to the Governor, Jack was able to have his sentenced reduced to allow for having a glass of red wine.  Although on closer inspection, that doesn't look like red wine in his hand (don't tell Jen!)
Where be da women? That's better!  Shown sandwiched between Johnny, Tommy, and Stevo, were Digger Virgin Sisters Jen and May.  Digger Virgin May would go on the next day to make the finals.
More Digger Virgins
Shown here next to Russell and Melissa, are Digger Virgins Tom and Carol.  Carol would set a record the following day at the Digger, going 7-0 in regular season. Shown here next to Randy, is Dan, another Digger Virgin.  The leading scorer on my soccer team, Dan, kept trying to do a bicycle kick with the volleyball and finally figured out when you kick it into the net, it doesn't count as a point.
Talk to the hand!  You can't see his face, but deducing by the color of the t-shirt I believe this is Frankie.  I'm not sure why he doesn't want to have his picture taken, he's usually a camera hound!
Well, Frankie didn't want to have his picture taken, but he was on a mission to take some pictures.  He decided he was going to try to have 
every girl in the bar kiss me on the cheek
.  Who was I to refuse?
It's Good to be the King!
How the hell did that get in there? Congratulations to Pete and Catie!  They just got engaged.  Catie keeps promising to come to the Digger, but she's always got some excuse, like I'm out of town, or got an infectious, contagious disease.
It's getting past midnight and gang is just gettin' going. Here's some of the locals enjoying the festivities.


For the first time this year, we rewarded people with 1/2 bonus point at the Digger for staying until 1am at Durkin's.  

Here is the Official 1am Crew.
Here is the last official picture taken at the pre-Digger.  This would be an example of foreshadowing.  Johnny B, seen here carrying four beers, would go on to party into to the evening, stumbling home circa 6:30am!  Waking up at 1:30pm, he was a little late for the start of the digger.  Even with Johnny's vast recuperative powers, he was unable to overcome blood in his alcohol system and crawl to the beach.  He would make a triumphant appearance at the post-digger and once again be one of the last people standing.
Da Digger

The Day of the Digger was at Hand.  I made it down to the beach at 8am!  Seriously, no kidding.  I decided to go with a subtle shade of purple this year for my hair.  For whatever reason, it was not captured on film, so it can only live in the memories of the players.

One of the early arrivers, we see Greg Woodard being escorted down the aisle by his two year old twins, Jared Scott and Jessica Rae Woodard.  Greg was one of the guys who played on my first indoor Volleyball team and helped to get the digger website started!  He has certainly had his hands full lately! Here's Gretchen and Rob chillin' on the beach.  Nice shirt Robaho, what-are-ya? a tourist in Key West?
The day went by quickly, with us finishing a record number of rounds in the regular season (7).
The Group Shot! (captured on Panoramic film)
After a couple of marathon semi-final matches. . . 
The stage was set for the
finalists to battle
Wait, wrong picture, 
these are the real finalists
With May and Greg 
on one side vs.
Melissa and Todd  
on the other.  
With a Notre Dame grad on each side, there was no hope to rig the finals so a Domer would not take the crown.
Here's the gang watching the finals.  As the Kentucky Derby has it's Mint Juleps, the Digger Finals usually has Joanie's "Bay Breezes".  Unfortunately, Joanie and Web were flying in from Ireland and we're unable to air mail the drinks.  Brently helped ease the pain with some Vodka Lemonades. When all was said and done, the Illini were victoriousMelissa, the pride of Illinois, carried Todd, the domer, to victory.
After the Digger, we started a new tradition - the  Apres Digger 

It's a simple recipe: 3 Parts Illini, several parts Refreshments, 1 part Tunes, 1 stray Domer, 1 UPer, and 1 Polaroid Camera

Directions: Put Illini, Domer, and UPer on the BeachGive UPer camera, turn on tunes, add refreshements, and stir for an hour and half.  Now you've got an Apres Digger.

The Players
The Partiers
The Dancers!


Next came the Post-Digger.  The post digger was held at Marigold bowl on Friday evening.  Unfortunately, security confiscated our cameras because it exposed sensitive material and the seedier side of the bowling underworld.

But the camera resurfaced briefly at the Post-Post Digger festivities at "Retro on Roscoe".  Chris & Dawn Lynch, Mo & Jim Merkel, and Buzz all had parties throughout the day.

Muck Fichigan! Buzz loves this pole!

The Many Faces of the Digger Weekend Celebration

Hands down, this weekend's Digger MVP (most valuable partier), was Kevin Rooney.  Kevin was amongst the late crowd at Durkins (circa 4am).  Played, and partied and the digger all day.  Then he stuck around for the Apres-Digger.  He then went to the post Digger and shut the bar down.  Way to go Kevin.  Everyone should follow his example.


See you at the Denver Digger, September 28, 2001!

Dig or Die!