Digger#41 6/28/02

special thanks to Kameron Hampton, who provided most of the pictures from the Digger.


Thursday evening we gathered for Da Pre-Digger at Da Durkin's.    

The first to arrive The obligatory "Frankie and Johnny" shot - the soberest I've seen these two in awhile.
We had quite a few out-of towners join us for the celebration
Some of the Denver Contingent (plus a roondog)

Some more folks from Denver - Congratulations to Scott and Kristen, they got engaged two months ago!

Pete and Amy joined from Boston And the award for the longest flight to get to the digger goes to Kevin and Steph Baum (left) who flew in from San Diego.  They're Pictured here with Flagg's who flew in all the way from Glenview.

Hey dude, let's party!

Joey D livin' large.

Hey, is there a truck driver convention in town?

Mitchy (left) would have to sit the Digger out due to a recent Achilles Tendon tear (ouch!)

The ladies lookin' very colorful

"Da Domers"
a.k.a. the Evil Empire, the Dark Side.  If they just wouldn't win this thing so often, we wouldn't have to harass them.  Oh yeah, and then there's the attitude.

The ABC after-school-special "Brently-portrait of a domer-wannabe"

Pete - ready to play some hoops?  Our only shot against the Domers is to play something physical - they can't handle pain!

Two generations of Rooney's.  The uncle/niece combo would kick some butt on Friday, joining forces in the semi-finals, for what would be their last hurrah. Laurie and her Suitors (I couldn't get the best angle, but at one point there was 6 guys around her)

Congratulation to Val & Susanna who got married one week after the digger

Is that Captain Morgan on the left?

"You talkin' to me?"  Stevo, what's up with the drool on the shirt.

And then Frankie got a hold of the camera.

Late Night at Durkin's = "Diggers Gone Wild"
The "Bonedigger Originals".  10 out of the original 15 were in attendance - the most since 1993.  The remaining 5 were stuck in Key West, Denver, Austin, Salt Lake City, and Fairlawn-OH for the weekend.


the 1am photo - everybody was looking for their gold star

Tommy - once again corrupting the Youth of America!

So the stage was set.  

Digger Day June 28th, 2002

Let's see, what do we need to make a digger.  How about

The Digger Flag Some Balls


and Bloody's

Oh yeah, how about some People.

They come in very handy in situations like this.

It's Diggin Time!
OK Gang, let's get this thing started. . . 


Is anybody listening?

Seriously, I'm not kidding

Don't even think about taking this bullhorn away from me.

OK, time to put the game face on!

I'm a Lucky Dog, I'm a Lucky Dog "Yeah, sell 2000 shares of Cisco and schedule my post-digger massage for 6pm"


It's good to be the King!

Surf's Up Dude!

Denver Clan Part One Denver Clan Part Deux
For several years, the Denver Chapter of the Bonediggers has held their own grass tournament in the Fall (this year it's on 9/21/02).  During the tournament, we have a Chicago vs. Denver grudge match.  Last year, they decided to create a trophy that would stay with the winner.  They called it "The Pot" and Chicago captured it with a 15-2 Crushing of the Denver team.  The Denver team wanted retribution.  So for this digger, we decided to have a Chicago vs. Denver grudge match on sand.  It was a hard fought battle, but Team Denver (Scott Cousino, Greg Scheckenbach, Chris Murdy, and Carol Alexander) pulled out the victory 15-13 over Team Chicago (John Brandeis, Joe Finley, Melissa Sprau, Marc Kaplanes).

Team Denver's Prize, 

the Chicago Bonedigger trophy, 

known simply as "Chicago"

OK, everybody get ready for the Digger Picture There we are: 80+ folks enjoying the fun in the sun
"Behind the Curtain"
The method to my madness. . .  

"Let's see, how about pairing me with Amy Gillin again - yeah, that's the ticket".

Congratulations to Denise and Patrick on getting engaged a couple of months ago.

Da Boyz!

The ball went out? You gotta be freakin' kidding me!

As the day wore on, the participants fell into that most happy of states "the Digger Haze".  Eventually the field was narrowed to 4 competitors and the stage was set for the finals:
Lisa Trumbull - Digger Virgin

paired with

Greg Barrett - 5-time digger finalist

Melissa (Sprau) Maloney - 4-time digger finalist

paired with

Some 5'6" guy who forgot to wear sunscreen, who was playing easily like a 5'8" guy

And with that, the battle had begun.  We take you to the action. . . .
Somebody kill me now!

The score's what?


But the Maloney/Kaplanes team came storming back to 13-14.  At one point, Barrett even worked up a sweat and had to wipe his brow.

At game point, team Lisa/Greg squeaked a ball just over the net and a diving Melissa/Marc were unable to pop it up.  And so we had our champions

Greg Barrett & Lisa Trumbull
The winning team was gracious to let us get in the ceremonial "Flag Shot"  usually reserved for the champions.

(see more finals pictures)

Some fun statistics 
We had 82 people playing at one time (round 3), which is at least 15 more than we've ever had.

Melissa Maloney has been in the finals now 4 of the last 5 diggers, rivaling Dawn (Herold) VonEschenbach's record 6 finals in a row

Lisa Trumbull keeps the streak alive with 6 finals in a row containing a digger virgin (May Yau, Kim Gravel, Becky Maxey, Kent Schlaefer, and Jeff MacCagnone)

"Excuse me, what did you say?"

What I said was that Digger#41 will be remembered not only for the record number of players, but also for all the Digger Babies!  In the last 18 months we've had 14 babies born to past-digger participants.  I don't know all their names so I made some up.

Serious Baby.  This looks like it should be a U2 Album cover. "Crabby" Baby


(if you don't get it, look at the toy)

Happy Baby

Curious Baby

Baby Spiker "Floppy Hat" Baby

The rest of the Baby Gallery 

The Rest of the Weekend

On Friday Night, we met at Yak-Zee's and then headed to Marigold to do some bowling.  The paparazzi was not allowed, so we have no video evidence that Friday night actually occurred.

On Saturday, we went to Oz Park to play some frisbee golf and bocce ball and eat Potbelly's (mmmm).

Saturday evening, Brent & Gaye Davies' loft was turned into "Club Davies".  There may be some pictures from this, but the camera is still MIA.

Sunday, some folks met at McGee's for Brunch to round out the weekend.

This year's MVP (most valuable participant) goes to Amy Gillin.  Flying in from Boston, Amy attended every event of the weekend.  Notice how we surgically removed her husband Pete from the photo.  He would have been co-MVP had he been able to answer the bell for Bowling on Friday night.


The Many Faces and Sites of Digger #41 Weekend

See you at Digger #42, August 30, 2002!

or the Denver Digger September 21st, 2002 (Denver, CO)

Dig or Die!

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