Digger#42 8/30/02

special thanks to Kameron Hampton, who provided most of the pictures from the Digger.


Thursday evening we gathered for Da Pre-Digger at Da Durkin's.    

The early group arrives:  Joanie, Web, Patrick, Roondog, and flying in all the way from Lincolnshire, IL - Greg Woodard And here's some slacker with the tavern owner and Digger Original "Coach" (One word, no last name).

"It's good to be the king"

Rex says "Yes it is Marc.  Yes it is"

Ah. . . . what's goin' on here?

Kent, gettin' a little 4-way lovin before the Digger!

Team Sprau: Andy, Russell, and 6-time Digger finalist Melissa
MVP Photo Posers.  I like the excessive use of tongues
2 Seconds later and this would have been our cover shot!

It was still "all good" in person.

The obligatory Frankie and Johnny shot.  You two are going to have to do something more creative to keep getting premium billing.  Although I do like Johnny's slanted sideways "don't mess wit me" look.

Da Boyz'

Da Galz'

Mitch (on left) managed to only show up in one picture.  Coming off achilles tendon surgery is looking to make a huge comeback in 2003.  Either that or give up the game and become a professional drinker.

He's 6'5, I'm 5'6 - don't we look like Beach Partners?

Party on Dude!

It's 1am, "Do you know where your children are?".

Congratulations to everyone who appeared conscious in the 1am group photo - you've earned your Gold Star!

So the stage was set.  

Digger Day #42 August 30th, 2002


Digger #42 had another massive turnout.  

80's, Sunny, and a slight breeze certainly helps with the motivation to head down to the beach.

As Pink would say

"Let's Get This Party Started"


I'm ready - Let's Go!

Tony the Tiger making a rare cameo appearance.

We started a new tradition this Digger - the "Yellow Leader Jersey" (left-modeled by spokeswoman Carol Crane).  Initially it was worn by the previous Digger Champions of both sexes.  If the "Yellow Jersey" was defeated, the jersey would pass to the Victor.  Women's jersey holders: Lisa T (2002 June winner), Amanda, Carol and Missy.  Men's jersey holders: Dan Anderson (2001 June winner), yours truly, Mark Westlund (who crushed me like a bug), Kevin Rooney, Kent Schlaefer cand Joe Finley (pictured on right - he wanted to make sure we got a picture of him before he lost it) - who'd I miss?
We also started a new "tradition" by having formal Grudge Matches.

Lisa Trumbull - June Digger Virgin and then Digger Champion. - made a tactical mistake in the 5th round, foolheartedly calling for a challenge match, paired with Missy, against me and Roondog.  As is oft to happen in "Battle of the Sexes", the men were victorious.

Brent explaining to Kameron the finer points of how to tear knee tendons while touching your toes to your nose.

Elliott - "I'm a Man about Town"

Missy "Don't mess with the Devil Pony Tails, buddy"


Here's the "Kam-era Man" skyin' on a Jump Serve.

That boy's got hops!

Rex and Kelly of

South Of the Boathouse (SOB) fame


Here's two folks of. . .well um

"Full Moon" Fame


Get that Camera out of my freakin' face!  I'm on the witness protection program - you wants I should get off'd because somebody sees this?

I'm Supergirl!


Johnny B and Steph brought their new puppy dachshund, Winston, down to the beach to enjoy some fun in the sun.  He seems to have take to Tricia (left) and Kameron (right)
"I've got a video recorder and a megaphone and I'm not afraid to use them!"

After a long day in the sun, with much volleyball and much consumption of . . .well. . consumables - we we're ready for the Finals

"All right folks, let's have a clean match.  No hitting below the belt, no sweeping the leg, well . . .
maybe one or two sweeps. "

The finals pitted 2-time Champion and now 6-time Finalist

Melissa (Sprau) Maloney

Paired with Digger Virgin Todd

Playing against Digger Virgin

Missy "Misdemeanor" Kutyla

Paired with Kevin "I've been doing this for 10 years and I've never made the finals" Rooney

The finals gallery had formed.  Here's the "Cool Kids".

You know the ones - who also used to beat you up and steal your lunch money.  No, wait, that was the class bully.  

Ok, the cool kids were the ones who would never talk to you.  See how there, like, on the other side of the court, being all cool and stuff.


At the beginning it looked like it was going to be a blowout, with Todd and Melissa hitting with some serious heat.  But Roondog and Missy battled back

Ah. . .that's might fine H, 2, O.  Or in this case, add some Barley, Malt, and Hopps.

Digger Virgin Todd smiled more during a finals than I've ever seen.  Way to keep the spirit alive!

And after a hard fought battle, it was over.

And the winners were

Missy and Kevin!

Missy was a dominating force throughout the event, and the even money was for the Digger Virgin to take it all.  She did not disappoint her fan base.

For Kevin, this is a culmination of terrific outings.  Last August, he got the MVP (Most Valuable Participant) award for partying like a rock star all weekend.  After being cruelly ousted this June in the semi-finals 15-13, he remained undeterred.  

Kevin started the weekend partying at the Pre-Digger and then woke up and went for a 5 mile run BEFORE the Digger.  Inconceivable!  Maybe that should be my secret strategy.  Nah!  Whatever the strategy was, it worked out to Digger Gold!

Some fun statistics 
Melissa Maloney has been in the finals now 5 of the last 6 diggers, rivaling Dawn (Herold) VonEschenbach's record 6 finals in the late 90's.

Missy Kutyla and Todd keeps the streak alive with 6 finals in a row containing a digger virgin (May Yau, Kim Gravel, Becky Maxey, Kent Schlaefer, Jeff MacCagnone, and Lisa Trumbull)

Kevin keeps the Domer streak alive with 4 Digger Men champions in a row (Greg Barrett, Todd Henson, Jack Gibbs)

Melissa keeps the Illini streak alive with 6 Illini finalists in a row (As long as she keeps making it we'll do OK)

The Rest of the Weekend

Friday night we did Yak-Zie's and Marigold Bowl.  Once again, cameras were not admitted on the premises due to the heavy number of stars in attendance.  I'll say this, we ended up at "Wiener's Circle" after we shut down Marigold Bowl.

And then on to Saturday night.  Kameron graciously hosted the shindig in his "Party Palace"

The paparazzi returned for the party.  Seen here are Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell fending off the cameras


What up Bro?

And, like, why is Chandler sitting next to me?

Havin' a little food on "our time"

What would a party be without playing a little "Beer Pong"?
And so it went into the night. . . . 


This Digger's MVP (Most Valuable Participant) goes to Joe Finley.  Joe successfully partied until 1am at the pre-Digger to earn his Gold Star.  He arrived fashionably late to the Digger, but still made it for the first round.  He helped out with the pairing during the digger and managed to capture the Leader Jersey for one round.  He rounded out his perfect attendance weekend, appearing at Yak-Zie's, Marigold Bowl, and then a triumphant last stand at the post-post-post Party Saturday night.  Congrats to Jo-seph!


The Many Faces and Sites of Digger #42 Weekend


See you at the the Denver Digger September 21st, 2002 (Denver, CO)

Dig or Die!

See the full plethora of photos from digger #42 (yes, that's right, there's even more)