Digger#49 6/17-18,2004

thanks to everybody who took pictures - Ed, Annette, Nicole, Pat X, Becky, and Cory (did I miss someone?)


Da Pre-Digger at McGee's Thursday 6/17/04    

For the first time in recent memory, we had no Frankie and Johnny picture.  So, I went with Becky and Gaye.  No offense guys, but they're a lot cuter. 2003's Digger champions:

Kent & Chris and

Darcy & John.

The Ladies were definitely out in full force at the pre-digger

Which, as we all know, eventually leads to threesomes




OK, what's wrong with this picture:
a) the last one's a foursome; and
2) why is Dari in all these pictures? Inquiring minds want to know!

So we did a little eatin' and a little drinkin'

And of course,
some boob grabbin.

Um . . I'm not sure I like
that boob grabbin'. 
Let's try again . . .

Much Better!

(remember, you can click on any
picture to see a larger version)

Ed Duffy, shown here courtesy of GQ, appears on the scene as one of the newest Digger photographers. Annette Harmon was one of the other main photographers for the evening.  Here she's taking a short
break to sing a little
"Sweet Child of Mine".

No Way, Dude!
You think I could actually
make the finals tomorrow!

That's right, I'm pregnant
And I'm pretty sure
Ron Krall is the father.

Balance in life is the path to happiness. Yeah, but volleyball is the sure way to enlightenment. 

I'm totally stoked about tomorrow!


Hey, any of youz guyz
want a piece of this,
bring it on!

Not sure what to say here. 

I'm speechless.

I'm having two babies. 

Uh, John, I hate to break it to you, but
Tammy's having three babies
- that's, um, like, one more finger and another $100k for college tuition.


Eventually we made it to 1am without too many casualties.

So, we tried to take
the 1am picture like we normally do - at sea level.

But we just couldn't
squeeze . . .
everybody. . . .
in.. . . So . . . .

Becky decided to go "up top"
for the bird's eye view.
There we go! The official 1am picture!
But alas, it was time to call it a night. 
Here's the last Pre-Digger picture from the wee hours in the morning.
So the stage was set.  

Digger Day #49 June 18th, 2003

"Top O' the Mornin' to Ya! 
It's going to be a glorious day"

proclaims Johnny McBrandeis

"O But it might rain"

Says Nicholas O'Mendoza.

No rain in sight, but I better open up the umbrella just to be sure.

The weather was pretty much perfect
for volleyball-playin' and vodka-lemonade drinkin'
- 75 and slightly sunny with a wee bit o' a breeze. 

At one point we had over 100 folks playing!

Amy and Mike were there on their wedding day -

a Digger first! 

Absolute Troopers!


We had a challenge from the over-40 crowd to all takers. 
The over-40 crowd team was comprised of
Tommy P, Joey D, Brently, and Big Ron

They put up a good fight, but eventually fell to the spry legs and nimble minds of
Todd Henson, Matt Bentsen, Joe Finley, and Johnny B.

Joe Finley and Carol Crane did the vast majority of the pairings, while I stepped in after everything was done to do the announcing and take all the glory. We had the Yellow Digger Leader jerseys going again this time. 
Cory Spence is shown wearing it here.  But shortly thereafter he would relinquish it, being crushed by a 5'6" guy hailing from Darien, IL.

Joe, is that a Gatorade in your shorts
or are you just happy to see me?

The now-long-standing
SOB Euchre game
was in full force

And your King

and your Queen

for this year's prom are. . . .

Gilby says hello to
Melissa and her "girls

After 5 rounds or regular season, 3 rounds of playoffs, and 500 vodka lemonades, it was time to start

In corner one, we had
Digger-virgin JR paired up with

Julie McGill, a now-veteran competing in her first finals.

In the other corner, we had
Darcy Juarez, 2003 June Digger Champion,
paired with

Matt Bentsen, the Music Czar and virgin-finalist, coming in at a height of 6'11"

Before the match, they had a nice group hug to do a little bonding.

But then JR and Julie donned their
Yellow Digger Leader jerseys
for which they'd fought so hard,
and prepared for battle.

As important as the match itself is the peanut gallery.

On the starboard side,
a nervous Marc Vieux cheered on his girlfriend Julie.

On the port side were all the cool kids, drinking and causing trouble.

Yeah, they're cool now, but wait till they grow up and realize that popularity and looks don't really matter.

yeah right.

We had Tommy P on the mike doing the announcing.

Yes, that's right, I let somebody wrestle my beloved megaphone away from me.

Let the Games Begin!

Set. . .

Spike. . .

Count it!

Switch. . .

Lollipop. . .

In the end, the yellow jerseys had fallen. And we crowned our
new Digger Champions

Matt Bentsen and

Darcy Juarez!

So, we packed up our stuff, turned in the nets, cleaned up the beach, and headed to the post-digger.

But wait . . . .

We've got a cooler full of vodka lemonade,
plenty of room on the digital camera,
it's a beautiful day,
let's just stay here and drink!


Whaddya gonna do?  If Tommy says we're drinkin', then we're drinkin'. Par-tay!

I'm a little bit bewildered
by this new occurrence

Rock on dude!

And so, the masses spoke, and they stayed. 
And hence was known as the "pre-post-Digger".

And the People Rejoiced!

Eventually, we made it to Yak-Zies.  We had a great turnout for the Post-Digger.

Some notable quotables:

I am not sharing any of my wings! Wings!  I love wings! This is great!

Where are we?

and Who are you?

It was only a matter time before the shots came out. Dude, seriously,

know when to say when.

And that concludes our Digger Experience.

But Wait. . . . . . . . . there's more. 

We've got the 2004 Digger Awards.

This year we instituted a new award:
the Most Valuable Participant (MVP) for those who most embody the Spirit of the Digger.

And our first MVP is







born "Rebecca Josephine Busse", but now known as. .










Becky Ruwe


Becky was tireless in helping with recruiting, planning, and registration, and always had a great, overall attitude that brightened the spirit of the Digger event. 

Our second MVP goes to Amanda Ripp 

Though Amanda did not show up in as many pictures as Becky, she came through with some last-minute much needed assistance that kept the festivities on track.

Our last award goes to the person who managed to be in almost freakin' picture.

The 2004 Camera Hog award goes to.















Ron Krall!!!!

Here is a small sampling of the pictures Ron was in.

Although Ron was a complete camera hog, his contagious smile and everpresent "Y'all" always added a little Southern charm to our Yankee event.

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Dig or Die!

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