Digger#54 6/29-6/30,2006

Responses to Pre-Digger question "thing in Chicago that you haven't done that you'd most like to do"



Marc Kaplanes

Horse carriage ride with my wife

Becky Ruwe

architectural tour on the river

Joanie Denny-Weber

have sex in the Sears Tower Observatory

Steve Kaplanes

have sex in the Sears Tower Observatory

Johnny B

Chris Tardy

Sarah Manuel



Drink on the 95th with a hot guy

Missy and Big Bob Kutyla

Play in a polo match. . . girls wear Big Hats!

Angela Roberts

Vince Vaughn

Christine Ducat

Carriage Ride with a cute boy

Katrina Moore Salaam

Dinner Cruise

Greg Packard

ditto to Joanie's

Tim Roche

Own a city block!

Rick Cameron


Fernando "do" Mosqueda


Rich Cablenz

Win the World cup

Heather Bauer

2 Asian Chix @ the same time with Nick [see Nick Mendoza]

Kevin Luoma


Chris Tardy

Johnny Brandeis!!!

Trevor Bergman

Have an amazing dinner 4 2 on the 95th

Julie Hubbard

ride a donkey

J.R., Ayrton Campos


Joe Gilbert

Go to a World Series Game at Wrigley Field

Heidi Aschenbrener


Natalie gorman

Everything! Just moved here :)


Win the digger - yeah, right . . .

Kevin Kowalczyk

Watch the Cubs win the World Series

Don Mares

Go to Olympic opening ceremonies

Kevin Rooney

Throw out 1st pitch at Wrigley

Shawn Clouser

Just watch the Cubs win 3 in a row

Kent Schlaefer

Dunk on Michael Jordan!

Annette Reschke


Susan Schmidt

Rollerblade to Wisconsin

Stevie D. Crashin tha party

With my mind on my money and my money on my mind

Mark Witt


Lisa Trumbull

Kite Surfing

Tricia Bjornson

Won the Fuccing Digger ! ! !

Kevin Lorenz

Base Jump



Ian Coburn

That kayak roll-thing

Kelly Higbea

Skinny dip in Lake Michigan - but only when it's safe to swim!

Andrew Bartlow

Michelle, Melissa, Megan, Stephanie, Brook. . .

Mary Jo Schave

vince Vaugh, see Gaye on time

Rex A. Desierto

Oh? What's her name again?

Sean Ramach

left Handed? Can we say unstoppable

Kelly Gorman Scharver

Sears tower

Tom Vanek

see 5 above (kayak roll-thing) & Segway the Lakefront

Mark "buzz" Bazzetta

Play Waveland golf course

Steve Devlin

Play in the AVP tourney

Rick Tauber

Ice skate on Lake Michigan

Lisa Brown

What?? IMA small a small town girl who likes big city boys

Michelle Arondelli

Go to a World Series Game 7 at Wrigley!

Anne Fautsch

Freeze my butt of at a Bears game

Kim Lantz


Shamw R Moran

skinny dip

Lisa Brady

See the Cubs win a world series

Jody Glenn

1/2 marathon

Nick Mendoza

2 asian chix @ the same time

Brent Davies

Bungy jump the Sears tower

Gaye Davies


Elliott Fan

Waist-Length Hair Weave

Sarah? (and then something completely unreadable)

Kick ass in the Bonedigger - (Blonde)