Digger#54 6/29-6/30,2006

Highlights from all weekend's events


Click here to see people's responses at the pre-digger to the question "thing in Chicago that you haven't done that you'd most like to do"

Pre-Digger Pictures at Redmond's

Digger Day

Pictures from the Sidelines
Action Shots During the Day
Pictures from the Finals


Post-Digger at Fizz

We had a massive turnout this year with over 160 participants playing at one time and probably 20-30 folks enjoying the day from the sidelines. This is by far the largest turnout ever and was much more than even we anticipated as of the day before. The weather was beautiful - mid 80's, a little overcast at times, slight breeze - very comfy.
When all was said and done, the finals boiled down to Lisa Trumbull (former champion) and Trevor Bergman (digger finalist virgin) playing against Todd Badstubner (two-time runner-up) and Jody Glenn (digger finalist virgin). It was a great match with some excellent commentating from Russell "Big Dog" Maloney and even better cheering and jeering from the 100+ person crown watching. Although there was a late surge by Trevor and Lisa, Todd and Jody eventually prevailed. Congratulations to both of them on their first Digger championship.
I would like to thank everybody who showed up for helping keep the beach clean and helping to setup and take down nets. Both of those things help us to remain in good graces with the Chicago Park District , which enables us to continue to have our outing. 
I would also like to thank three of our "sponsors":
  • Tom Piazza, Lisa Trumbull, and Coach from Bar1Events ( - McGee's, Redmond's, Durkin's, Duffy's, and Wrightwood Tap) for supplying the location for the pre-digger, the great food at the pre-digger (that chicken parmesan was tasty!), some of the vodka lemonade, and the ever important bull horn.
  • Gary Hazan from Players Sports ( for lending us their nets.
  • Vicki Galbraith and the Chicago Park District for their assistance with the event
I would like to call special thanks to those folks who chaired or were prominent members of this year's committees:
Becky Ruwe - who was coordinator of the Pre-Digger and the Digger Pairings
Heather McCutcheon - who was coordinator of all the food, ice, and non-adult beverages
Rex Desierto - who was coordinator of the adult beverages
JR Campos- who coordinated all the Net setup and takedown as well as the Signs for garbage, registration, etc.
Sarah Manuel - who coordinated Registration at both the Digger and Pre-Digger
Elliott Fan- who coordinated the Music
Heather Bauer - who coordinated the pictures at the pre-digger and digger
Vicky Groo - who coordinated the trash collection on Digger day
Tim Roche - who coordinated the Post-Digger
Russ and Melissa Maloney who were on the rules committee and who made the "morning adult beverages" (with tomato juice, celery, etc.)
Kevin Rooney - who helped with pairings and was on the rules committee 
Bridgid Rooney - who coordinated the Kids activities 
Rob Engels and Vern Hamill who supplied the Bagels and Coffee
I would also like to thank the rest of the Digger Helper Group who took pictures, helped with registration, helping with planning, morning setup, etc.:
Annette ReschkeChris Clark, Darcy JuarezJoey DiMicheleJulie Hubbard, Katie DonohueMarie Benedix, Missy Kutyla, Pat Xourias, Paul Sullivan and Julie Kick, Pete HickmanSandy Agnos, Shav Chase, and Todd Henson.
We never could have pulled it off without an unprecedented team effort this year.
Lastly, I would like to name this Digger's MVP - Most Valuable Participant. This award goes to somebody who exemplifies the spirit of the Digger by going above and beyond the call of duty in making the Digger an enjoyable event. The Digger #54 Most Valuable Participant Aware goes to Rex Desierto (seen to the left with his sister Gigi). Rex coordinated getting the "adult beverages" to the event and also provided a lot of help in planning the event. You probably know that we went through an enormous amount of adult beverages, gatorade, water, and ice during the day. What you probably don't know is that twice during the afternoon Rex left the Digger to make a run to replenish our supplies of those items to make sure the party would continue. For all his efforts during the planning for the Digger and his efforts on Digger day, we award Rex Desierto the Digger #54 Most Valuable Participant.
I know I've missed some people who helped out, so I will apologize for that. A lot of people asked use during the day what they could help out with and we really appreciate it. After the haze of the pre-digger, digger, and post-digger, my memory for who helped out with what may be foggy. Please know that we do appreciate everybody's contribution.