Digger Commandments
D o not show up at the digger with a bad attitude, or taking this event too serious. Remember, the Digger is an event, a party, an outing Ė it is not an AVP tournament designed to test your mental toughness and your ability to crush your opponents.
I  f your injured or donít play volleyball, donít worry. The Digger is about being young and celebrating the vast exuberance of life with your friends.
G  o out the night before. Thereís nothing like being completely exhausted, hungover, and lacking sleep before a long day of playing volleyball and drinking.

o n occasion, do a handstand in the sand!  (say that three times fast)
r  each out and touch someone. Preferable somebody from the other sex. And, if you are female, please touch the tournament director.

D onate your physical self for body shots at 1am at the Pre-Digger.
I ntroduce yourself and welcome new people to the event. The more the merrier!
E! njoy yourself. This is a day off of work enjoying the great outdoors. If you are not having fun, then get the hell out!