Commonly Asked Questions About the Digger

Do I have to play volleyball?  No, you can show up and just enjoy the sun, the food, the beverages, the banter, and a day off work.  If you're struggling between spending the day at work or on the beach, you've got bigger issues.

Do I have to sign-up ahead of time?  No, just show up.  We usually try to get a headcount ahead of time so we know how much food, booze, nets, and balls we need, but it's just an estimate.

Do I need to bring a partner?  No, every round you will randomly paired with a new partner.

What if I can't be there the whole day?  No problem, you can show up and leave at any time.  Play however much you want.  

What if I really suck, but want to play a little volleyball without embarrassing myself?  We will have nets setup for more recreational play.

Do I need to bring anything?  No, nothing physical.  But you do need to bring a good disposition and enough clothing to remain legal.  We will supply the food and beverages for a small donation to the "Save Ferris" foundation.

What about the pre-digger?  Do I have to attend?    We highly, highly encourage it.  This helps you to size up your opposition, get a feel for the "field", and score brownie points with the event officials.  As everybody knows, the pairings are completely random, but statistics have shown that those who show up the night before have a 27% higher chance of getting a past winner as a partner in the first round.  And starting in 2001, you receive a gold star if you attend the pre-digger and another gold star if you stay out until 1am.  Gold Stars break any ties during the digger.