#1. Go to the "Pre-Digger" Thursday Night at Jack Sullivan's. Consume beverages and bond with your would-be partners and competitors till the wee hours.  Encourage your non-playing friends to attend.   Attendance at the pre-party is highly encouraged - showing up gets you 1 gold star * (this comes into play later), as well as you can suck-up/bribe the tournament directors to get favorable pairings the next day.

#2.  Longevity partying is encouraged AND rewarded - be at Jack's at 1am when we take the late night Polaroid so you can get your second gold star.  Note - your face must be visible in the picture - if you are passed out face down in a basket of popcorn - "no gold star for you".

#3. Wake up Friday morning. This is a very important step and is often forgotten by even the seasoned veterans (Johnny B!).

#4. Go to Montrose Beach at 8:30am for "The Digger".  Seriously, some people do actually show up on time.  Your last chance for an additional gold star is to help setup the Nets.

#5. B-cubed or B square = consume Bagels and Bloody's and Bonuts

#6. Each round, listen for your name to hear who you are paired up with and on what court.  Do not wine about who you are paired with, that will pretty much ensure you get even a crappier partner next time.  If you're just enjoying the sun for the day and not playing volleyball, go straight to step 9.

#7.  We try to randomly pair people into co-ed 2's.  But due to the mix of people, we sometimes have courts of 3's or 4's or same sex 2's.  If you find yourself playing with or against the same person always or not playing the format you want, just come tell us and we'll do our best to accommodate.

#8.  Things can be "arranged".  If there is someone you want to play with or a team you want to play against, let us know and we'll help ya out.

#9. Slowly fall into a merriment known only as the Digger Haze. This comes from drinking, eating, and being joyful.   If you are consuming Russia's finest lemonade and "Chicago 's finest" stops by and asks what you are drinking, either say "lemonade" or perform sign language to feign deafness.

#10.  At the end of the day, eight guys and eight gals will qualify for the playoffs based on #of wins.  Ties will be broken by # of Gold Stars, thumb wrestling, and then suddent death penalty kicks.

#11.  Eventually, all the playoffs will be done except the finals.  At this point, sit back and watch the festivities from your comfy beach chair, drink in hand, while 4 folks battle it out for the coveted Digger Champion Shirts.  Remember, always cheer for the underdog and harass the favorites to the point of making them cry.

#12.  Go home, take a quick nap, wake up, and then shower (please).  Key words "wake" and "up".  We will be convening at Yak-Zie's on Clark at 7pm for pre-post-digger food.

#14.  Sleep.


Quick Reference Guide for DIGGER #53 

Pre-Digger Thursday 9:00pm-?: Jack Sullivan's 2142 N. Clybourn
Da Digger Friday 8:30am-5ish: Montrose Beach 4400 North and head towards the big pond
Pre-Post Digger Dinner Friday 7:00pm: Yak-Zie's 3710 N. Clark 773.525.9200

Important phone#: 773-818-5498 - my cell phone.  It will be at all the events.  If I'm not conscious to answer it, somebody should be and they'll give you assistance.