What is a Bonedigger?

Different people have different thoughts of what a Bonedigger is?

There is no membership. There are no dues. There is no secret handshake.

Here's some responses:

[by Richard Benjamin of the Amsterdam chapter (originally of the London chapter)] 

I think being a digger is somewhat of a realization, like realizing the following (especially for any detached diggers in Europe) .............

In reality you are 200 miles from home, but in your heart it's 4,000

Co-ed finally seems the only way to do any sport

It doesn't matter if you have never played volley ball, in your heart you are still a digger

Knowing the names of sportsmen and women has always been a poor second to knowing the name of sports bars!

[by Peter Gillin]  It's 12:30 a.m., I'm at the printers, I have a klondike bar in one hand and a red pen in the other. I am just a dog in the moonlight reshuffling commas and making sure that people have used the passive voice. I am far away from my well lit home.

I am not sure what a bonedigger is but its got to be better than this.


[by Brent Davies] I consider a Bonedigger to be: "A person with an aptitude for knocking down a few cocktails, playing some decent volleyball and always, but always, being up for some kind of social outing"

[by Marc Kaplanes] You might be a Bonedigger if:

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Where did the name "Bonedigger" Come From?

The name BoneDigger comes from the native american "Bow-na-deeg-a-ray". It signifies an animal/being that is at one with its surroundings and yet is unaware of its own presence.

How the name resurfaced in the modern age is a story shrouded in mystery, secrecy, chicanery, gluttony, jealosy, envy, and pride. Here's how some of us recollect it (the names and places have been changed to protect the innocent)

A long, long time ago, in a far, far away place, two weary travellers were chatting over a few pints at "Really-big-sby's". We'll call the two "Scottie-runnin'-scared" and "Joseph-Technicolor-Dreamcoat". The two came across an idea:

"Let's think of a way
to miss a day
of work, to play
and frolic, oh Yeah!".

"Call in sick on Friday.
then gather our friends to play
a friendly volleyball game, I say
will surely chase the blues away!"

The two decided to split chores:

"Joseph, you round up the balls,
the nets, and the whole group,
I'll put together a flyer, come up with a name
And fax them the scoop"

Joseph did his part, but "Scottie-not-so-bright" was unable to evoke a suitable title.

The tournament began on "South Avenue Beach" on a Friday in late May, without a name. During the day, a stray dog had befriended the group. He was a tireless little soul who kept bouncing around with tremendous energy. During the final match, he just couldn't sit still. He kept running out onto the court, only to be chased away.

Just as the final point was ending, he once again ran onto centre court. He started to paw his way frantically into the sand. Everyone was amazed as the dog uncovered two very large pieces wood and proceeded to lay them neatly underneath a nearby volleyball. Upon closer examination, Scottie realized that these were not pieces of wood, but rather fossilized bones from at least the early 80's. Laughing, and without even thinking about it, shouted "Look what he's dug up, this little bone digger of ours!". As onlookers cheered on the little mutt, "Coach-elder-one" viewed the unusual "X"-pattern made by the ball and the bones, and in a rather ominous voice proclaimed "let this be the sign of things to come".